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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Radiation Risk ? Is it worth undergoing these MEDICAL IMAGING TESTS ?

How much is the Radiation Risk when Your Doctor advises U to undergo a medical imaging test. ?

In the last seven decades, I had x rays of my spine, the lumbar portion, x rays of spine the cervical portion, x rays of my ear,nose etc., x rays of my teeth when several of them had to be taken out or root canal treatment done, and again for fitting of dentures,

and recently when the doctor advises me to understand the radiation risk before a CT scan is ordered to find out whether there could be a rectal cancer,

i never possibly knew that even in day  to day life, we consume some 2.5 mSw
but a CT scan can introduce in my cells a cancer risk to the extent of 82 %..

Are there other methods to identify the nature of the diseases one suffers from other than
radiation ?

Having said this,

emergencies may require the right type of information without loss of time.

So if a doctor advises a medical imaging test which requires a CT scan, x ray or a mammogram, please trust the doctor, as he will always have weighed the pros and cons of this test.

But it is important that we must be knowing the risk ourselves,
especially when we are conscious
when we believe we have several more years to live
when we feel that the risk undertaken is much much more than the relief we may get
as a consquence of treatment following the results of the medical imaging tests.

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