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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hey Care giver ! You think of your health too !!

 Not unoften, when someone in our family falls sick and suffers chronically, it becomes our prime responsibility to take care of the person who is sick.   The care giver duty comes to the fore when the person who is sick is your child, husband or wife. 

  In several instances when the affected person's future lies in your zone of responsibility, you and I even go to sacrificing our own interests including physical and mental well being.  This results in a burn out condition for the Care giver, who must indeed preserve his or her physical or mental health so that the affected person could continue to receive the care in fullest measure.

  Failure to do so will result in ruining both lives that is both the affected person as well as the care giver.

Here is a wonderful presentation as to how a care giver should plan her daily routines so as to care of oneself as well as the affected person.

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