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Friday, January 15, 2010

Want to Live for One Hundred Years ?

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Physicians Believe That Living To 100 Years Old Is Not Difficult

Fri, Jan 15, 2010

Anti Aging, Gerontology, Health And Aging, Longevity
Physicians Believe That Living To 100 Years Old Is Not Difficult

Yes, you read that title correctly! Doctors today believe it is not hard for a person to live up to one hundred years of age or more. That sounds perfectly splendid but what about the quality of that life at one hundred years. These physicians say it is achievable to live this long and at the same time under constant threat of age related illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease etc. They say it is all a result of modern medicine and a new philosophy amongst healthcare professionals. These modern physicians are concentrating on the aggressive treatment of the geriatric set and their health issues. This is instead of having an attitude of an ageist and assuming they would not benefit from a particular treatment.

All that being nice and everything, I still would like certain guarantees before I risk a prolonged life full of complicated health troubles and mega doses of prescription medicine where a computer is required to keep track of my meds. Living a short life with abundant health difficulties would be more acceptable to most people than living a longer life with those same troubling health problems. I would personally be at the front of the line if they knew for sure my life would be extended along with my health and vivacity

Why Would Anyone Want To Settle For Less?

When that day arrives when humankind thinks we are able to have the cake and eat it too, will likely be the day when we will all be living lengthy lives, reaching one hundred fifty to two hundred years old. Of course, there is no accounting for wars, plagues or major trauma as we progress in age. Imagine watching people participate in activities such as waterskiing and tennis at the age of ninety! The common thought would be this is an image that is quite improbable. That would be because humans have never known it to be any other way.

It is difficult to change this kind of societal preconditioned thinking. Our collective vision of an eighty or ninety year old is someone nodding off in a comfy chair inside a nursing home. These folks are presumably well cared for in these places and that is the comfortable status quo, why change it. One would hope they are also living comfortably at that age and are not in any distress. Even the centenarians among them are certainly not playing tennis! Ask any of them if they want to live another twenty years and they would likely tell you only if health comes with it.

Perceptions Need To Be Adjusted

These days old age does not equate automatically with ill health, not with HGH in the picture. The human growth hormone has cleared some new pathways with regards to human aging and health that were previously nonexistent. The elderly do not have to be sequestered in their closed little worlds any longer, keeping away from all of life’s stressors. Being monitored twenty four/ seven for the first sign of failing, so they have some hope of reaching age one hundred will soon be a thing of the past. It may be possible to do all those things you did when you were thirty or forty, at the age of one hundred due to HGH and its enormous potential. There are also other anti aging therapies that hold great promise and make achieving the century mark in great shape possible.

It will not be long until the current retirement age will need to undergo a revision, maybe in twenty or so years. This benchmark age will be moved forward not backwards. There are already signs of people working longer either out of necessity or out of boredom. Either way they need optimal health to do it so this clearly shows which way the momentum is focused. Many people reaching their senior years are already taking anti aging supplements of some type and some of those are using HGH in particular.

One can only imagine what a retirement age of one hundred would be like rather than the current fifty five or sixty five years. This is not as silly as it sounds at first. Not when you understand that people are beginning to live longer life spans with greater life quality attached than those before them did. You can be certain that HGH along with other new anti aging formulas will play a large role in this forthcoming centenarian insurrection.

The baby boomer generation will be leading this charge into the future. The generation “that had it all” will want even more and that includes having the good health, money and most important – the added time to enjoy it all with.

Anti Aging, Gerontology, Health And Aging, Longevity
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