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Sunday, May 1, 2011

How open inguinal hernia repair surgery is carried out

For quite a few years, my wife (68) has been reporting a sort of pain in the groin region. On examination, the physician found to be an inguinal hernia. She was advised to have a surgical solution, as no medical solution was there. And early this is done the better would it be. And the surgery is done at the earliest and while the person is otherwise fit and healthy.

The bulge was quite visible on the right side but not so on the left. The surgeon said that though laproscopic route in ideal, he would like the conventional method, since it will give a choice whether the small bulge perceivable at the left side needs to be repairs simultaneously. When he started the surgery, he decided that the repair could be done on the left side also, and he finished the entire conventional surgery sans any hassles.

Dr.V.Srinivasan M.S. is a specialist in the laproscopic field too. His wife Dr.Chitra is a gynaecologist. His son is a diabetologist. All the three have combined together to form a well-knit team and with the help of anesthetists from nearby colleges, they perform both planned as well as emergency surgical procedures. What was striking utmost however was his patience to explain things to his patients. His nursing home is equally a model for the Corporate hospitals at Chennai to run the clinics theaters and general/special wards with clean and hospitable surroundings. The surgeon visits the patient thrice daily and so do other doctors in the Team. Nurses are dedicated. You hardly find such services and a clinic at Chennai or even elsewhere unless, of course, you are a celebrity.

Hats off to the Surgeon and his wonderful Team !!

Here you have a video explaining the hernia repair surgery. This is an educational one.

I had the surgery planned at the local nursing home V.K.Nursing Home, at V.V.Giri Street, alwar thirunagar near Valasaravakkam, Chennai maintained by Dr.V.Srinivasan M.S. Surgeon General and Laproscopic a few days ago. The surgeon and his team of doctors and nurses made us feel that the nursing home was another home for both of us.

The surgeon did not retain us even for a single hour after he felt that the condition was satisfactory. He advised my wife to be patient enough to bear the little pain that she feels even after the pain killer Diclofen potassium tablets twice daily . with a good antibiotic and a vitamin, it is our hope that my wife will be back to her normal routine in a matter of two weeks.

Thank you Doctor and Thanks for the entire Team of doctors and nurses who kept a 24 hour vigil on this old lady.
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