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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My allergic cough !!!

It all started with a nasal spray for protecting one against SWINE FLU.   I was one among the 300 and odd who received the nasal spray.
A couple of days thereafter, I had sore throat, and a little cough but the doctor said that for a few this spray would cause this minor side effect and it will go away on its own.
Unluckily for me, the sore throat stuck  that the doc prescribed Cetrizine 5 mg for 5 days. A cough pestering possibly pursuaded the doc to suggest an antibiotic Ciprofloxacin 250 mg (though he could find nothing infectious in my lungs) for three days.
Cough was adamant and said I would not go. i went to the doc again. But to my cardiologist who was well aware of my medical history.  He examined and said: No infection anywhere. No antibiotics: but take xysol ; a combination of levocetrizine and montelukast sodium twice daily for three days:
This montelukast sodium was the dreaded drug for me for the last two years, not that it did anything to me but I could remember that this drug brought back the OCD problem back of which she thought she was fully cured. So I decided not to take this particular drug, but have levoctetrizine alone.
It did not work. I went to a respiratory specialist.  He said the same thing: Lungs are clear. Anyway have a course of antibiotics: Again ciproflaxacin 500 for 3 days twice daily, and then we shall see.
Cough severe frustrating continued.

Then Chest X ray and blood report was called for.

X ray of chest showed nothing. But blood report suggested an elevated esonophils. 10 per cent.
doc puts me in diethylcarbamazine, that is hetrazon tablets .
Cough continues.
Doc puts me in steroids. hydrocortisone,
omnacortil 5 mg, 2+1 for 2 days, 1+1 for 3 days, then one daily for three days.
I have almost finished but cough still continues.
tired of antibiotics, i also take ayurvedha powder, thalisadhi in the meantime. With honey of course.
Now and then koflet soothens my throat , but then the cough starts.
It is now more than 40 days. Cough is pestering and rattling.
I do not where I am to go.
To the doctor or to an astrologer !!
மருந்தீஸ்வரா  ! ஒரு மருந்து சொல்லடா !!
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