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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fake Doctors Apprehended by the Tamil Nadu Government.

Once again, Tamil Nadu Government has acted on the recommendations of the Indian Medical Council in apprehending quacks in the medical field.  These quacks fall in two categories:
1. Those ayurvedha , unani , sidhdha doctors who have recognized qualifications in their fields but nevertheless prescribe allopathic drugs, medicines to the vulnerable, innocent people who come to them for treatment.
2. Those fake people who just bank on their experience of having worked with some medical professionals in the past and develop some knowledge of common drugs/medicines for a few ailments.

Category 2 people are aplenty almost in all the druggists shops.  These people sell the medicines to the unwary customers. 

While action on the part of our Government is highly welcome, it is also suggested that the authorities ensure that there is a qualified pharmacist present in all the druggists stores, and make him accountable for the right type of medicine to be sold to the customer. 

A customer awareness programme by the primary health centres will go a long way in educating people not to accept advices from unqualified or underqualified people in the sales counters of medical shops.
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